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Learn about Kingaru Opportunities

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Non Dilutive

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Project applications submitted must fulfill the following requirements

Must be Open Sourced.

Must not have already had a successful token sale.

As a general rule, teams must complete one grant before applying for another one.

Projects that encourage gambling, illicit trade, money laundering or other criminal activities will not be accepted.

It presents a well-researched or tested concept.

The project application discusses details that show a deep understanding of the project’s use cases.

The team is able to demonstrate experience and ability to successfully develop and finish a project.

In addition to the information provided, note that the project needs to comply with our “Guidelines for Milestone Deliverable” which requires that all projects submit documentation that explains how the project works. Only written documentation is required for funding, however tutorials and videos are helpful in the application process and for new users seeking to understand the project.

Please read our Announcement Guidelines for grant-related communications and our Code of Conduct

Process Overview


Please read our Terms & Conditions, FAQ, and Guidelines for Milestone Deliverables to familiarize yourself with the grant program as a whole. Then fill out the application template with your project’s details and submit your application.


Once your application has been submitted, your project will be reviewed and comments and requests will be sent to the submitted contact information.


Once adequate review has been performed, a final decision on the application will be made. If the delivery schedule or road map significantly differ from those described in the application, a re-evaluation may be required for continued grant funding.

Request for Proposals

Project applications submitted must fulfill the following requirements








Apply for Grant