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A highly scalable, fast, secure blockchain for E-Commerce, NFT, Metaverse, and Retail.

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How Kingaru Works

Designed to Improve E-commerce

KRU was designed and built for quick e-commerce transactions. KRU can approve and transfer transactions through the secure Kingaru blockchain through a proof of authority blockchain. KRU provides confirmations for both the consumer and merchant with nearly instantaneous transactions.

E-Commerce happens fast. People want to check-out in as few clicks as possible.

Order confirmation needs to be near instantaneous for both the user and vendor.

Enter Kingaru (KRU)

KRU is a lightning-fast network that can confirm transactions in seconds.

KRU makes International sales a simple transaction.

KRU provides no risk of chargebacks for vendors.

KRU mitigates fraud risk for both the customer and the vendor.

KRU’s rewards system provides an excellent customer retention program.

With a minimal transaction fee, KRU minimizes the costs to the vendor providing better savings for the consumer.

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Rewards with external utility

Kingaru (KRU) works as a simplified payment method and rewards system

Bob buys a pillow on ABC’s website and earns KRU Rewards sent directly to his wallet.

Kingaru (KRU) works as a simplified payment method and rewards system. Each vendor will have the power to incentive the consumer through the KRU Rewards program. Consumers’ rewards will be transferred to their wallets in the form of KRU and can then use KRU instantly to buy from the thousands of products in the KRU ecosystem.

Bob can now redeem his KRU Rewards and they get sent to his wallet address

Vendors will have the ability to design retention programs that are unique to them. Most participating vendors offer in the range of 1-2% cashback on purchases in KRU Rewards. Many will provide purchase discounts for paying with KRU rather than paying the high credit card fees, providing even more value to the consumer.(put in a statistic of 2.9% on $1,000,000 in sales means $29,000 in savings).

Bob uses his earned KRU on XYZ’s Website to buy a new pair of shoes and earns KRU Rewards on that purchase as well

Because KRU is not just one vendor’s rewards system, earned KRU can be used anywhere KRU is accepted.

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If you would like to learn more about investment opportunities with the Kingaru Network. Please contact Kingaru Network at [email protected]

Develop on KRU

Quickly start and deploy your application on Kingaru

Kingaru will be an open source blockchain where developers will be able to build d-apps and Token projects on Kingaru. Kingaru tokens will follow the KRC-20 standard. The Kingaru network will also support the KRC-721 NFT standard.